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Atlal Brahimi

Art history & research publication

Mohammed Khadda

Paris, FR 2019
Services : Editorial Design, Book design

Dr. Atlal Brahimi's project deals with visual creation in postcolonial Algeria. She first question the contribution and importance of the arts and artists within the process of decolonization. In a socialist lineage, artists create art for the people and by the people. She studied the proliferation that precedes independence and the involvement of the political state within this artistic effervescence. How is this history written and what place have these artists really taken within the Algerian cultural discourse of the time and today? She conducted a study of the history and cultural policy of Algerian visual arts since 1954 in order to understand a study of the various actors and artists who, faced with the sleeping state, are now carrying out numerous artistic initiatives within Algerian territory.

It is a question of understanding and questioning the uses of contemporary visual arts, the context of their production and their dissemination. To do this, she questioned the notion of reappropriation, as well as the traces that flow from it today, by combining iconographic sources, written sources and oral sources. The thesis also rely on interviews with the various actors who have produced, exhibited and used the visual arts linked to Algerian territory, and continue to do so.

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  • Mohammed Khadda,
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