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FRAC Corsica

Regional Funds for Contemporary Art

L’atlante di e meraviglie

Corte, Corsica 2022
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Poster as part of the visual communication campaign that the studio directed for "L’atlante di e meraviglie" (The Atlas of Marvels), the duo exhibition of Zeyn Joukhadar & Matteo Rubbi.

Taking as their starting point The Book of Fixed Stars by the astronomer Abd-Al-Rahman Al-Sûfi around 964, Zeyn Joukhadar and Matteo Rubbi have conceived the exhibition as a collection of fragments of an imaginary manuscript, in order to bring back the erased sky. Each piece refers to a part of a book entitled L'atlante di e meraviglie, which reminds us that the stars cannot be reduced to data: "Today," explain the two artists, "it is easy to visualize the constellations of the night sky on a cell phone with various applications. But for many peoples, the sky has traditionally been much more : a calendar, a temple, a map, a library, an indestructible collection of stories and wisdom. Our roots as peoples of the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia and/or North Africa are intertwined, and the sky offers us the millennia-old stories of exchange and migration. The modern sky is superimposed on ancient motifs. And contemporary figures refer to much more distant names; the night sky is transnational, transcontinental and multilingual." Zeyn Joukhadar and Matteo Rubbi solicited children and teenagers from the island to collectively create a messy sky and think about the notion of erasure. Previous works, which complete the corpus, are renamed by Zeyn, in order to constitute a part of this new atlas of wonders, which transforms the night into a formidable archaeological site, capable of projecting us into the future.

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    Printing Process : Offset (CMYK),
    Dimensions : 40x60 cm | 80x120 cm | 120x176 cm.
    Printing to the care of L’imprimerie Bastiaise (Bastia).